Paul Webster (our Missionary in Zambia, Africa)

July, August, September

Paul Webster is an agricultural and educational missionary through the Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. A native of Wisconsin, he is also an ordained Methodist pastor. He was selected by the Missions Committee to be CUMC’s missionary in 2006. We have a covenant relationship with him – paying a portion of his salary annually. His June 29 visit with us was the fourth time he has come to CUMC. Co-founder of Mujila Falls Agriculture Centre in Zambia in 2000, Paul provides educational experiences there for many groups – Peace Corps, Volunteers in Missions (VIM), various engineering groups, as well as practical experience for high school students from the Congo and students from Africa University. The Centre has grown considerably and advanced its farming techniques from “bicycle plow,” oxen, to a used tractor. They have increased the variety of crops grown and now have many animals and poultry. Animal buildings have needed to be updated and replaced and more built. Expansion has been considerable. The nutrition of the people in the surrounding area has greatly improved due in part to the many eggs now being produced and being sold in neighboring villages. Many of the workers now have their own small farms and raise a variety of produce for their families. Sustainable farming is becoming more of a reality. However there are still infants/young children who are malnourished and are often brought to the Centre for help. Over the years CUMC has provided money for many of Paul’s projects. Last year we raised over $8,700 for a new wagon to haul corn. In keeping with CUMC’s emphasis on water needs this year, Paul has listed three at Mujila Falls (1) electrification of the water pump at the river and building an underground water line to their water tower, (2) extend the water lines to the workers’ houses, and (3) build a new water tower near the new fish ponds. He gave an estimated cost of $5,000 each. Mujila Falls has come a long way! For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/MujilaFallsAgCentre.